Other than my husband, kids, and chocolate (and not necessarily in that order...chocolate is seriously good!) my big passion in life is:


Yes, I'm a word nerd and have a serious addiction to books and writing.  My idea of bliss = 1 x hammock, 1 x sandy beach and turquoise sea, plus 1 x new book to curl up with...it may also include Hugh Jackman, but sshhh, don't tell my husband! I love journaling, scribbling down stories, making endless lists, and of course, writing articles and books.  But even more than that...I LOVE helping other people bring their writing to life.

Who Do I Work Best With?

My favourite clients are heart-led female entrepreneurs who are passionate about helping other people live a beautiful life.  I LOVE personal development, mindfulness, creativity, journaling, health & wellbeing, feminism, and am crazy about animals, so anything involving those areas gets me super-excited!  

85% of entrepreneurs want to write a book BUT only 5% ever do.


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