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Hey lovely, I’m Jo, a writer, coach and editor of Loving Life After Forty.

I help women all over the world reframe their view of life after forty & learn how to make the second-half of their life the best half.

Whatever midlife throws at you (menopause mayhem, shifting relationships, an empty nest, caring for ageing parents, etc.) it is 100% possible to write your own midlife chapter, create your own rules around ageing and thrive on your own terms.

Have you found yourself asking:

  • Am I going crazy?

  • How can I get my mojo back?

  • Why doesn’t my relationship/career/life/self feel so good anymore? And how can I change that?

  • What’s next in my life? Is this it? I want more!

  • I know I want to make changes but how do I even start when I feel so tired/overwhelmed/confused?


You’re not alone, lovely.

Our forties can be an amazing time of transformation but, let’s be honest, they also come with a whole heap of challenges… oh, and peri-menopause popped on top, just to keep things interesting!

I know what it’s like to feel this way & I’m ready to help you go from surviving to THRIVING.

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If you’re ready to:

  • Figure out what you actually want and how to get it

  • Find a way through the peri-menopause mayhem

  • Start making yourself a priority

  • Take your relationship/s from low budget to epic blockbuster

  • Experience more fun, pleasure and joy

  • Start feeling like yourself again (and better)

  • Ramp up your motivation, energy & focus…


I’m ready to help You…

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First we’ll use journaling prompts and a combination of coaching tools to explore the challenges that you are currently facing and what changes you most want/need to make.

Next we’ll work together to set 1-3 empowering and achievable goals for you to focus on, as well as your own unique Leading Lady set of Life Rules.

Then, during the following weeks, we’ll continue to set small tasks and homework that will keep you on track to achieving those goals… and we’ll do plenty of celebrating along the way.

And lastly, we’ll look at ways that you can continue to thrive after our coaching time finishes so that you have a personal toolkit to turn to whenever you need it.


  • 12 x 60-minute 1-1 calls via Skype or Zoom (1 per week)

  • Unlimited email communication between calls

  • Weekly tasks/homework to carry out between calls to help you keep on track

  • Journaling prompts to help you move from overwhelm to clarity

  • Loving (but firm) accountability to help ensure you achieve your goals

  • Resources, worksheets etc. as required

  • Full cheerleading throughout our time together



3 x Monthly Payments


Single Payment


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I am passionate about helping women over-40 live a life that feels good. For too long society has pushed older women aside, created systems that don’t support us and our unique needs fully, and perpetuated an on-going message of ‘not being enough’.

I want you to know that YOU ARE ENOUGH. You are beautiful, wise and have the capacity to live a life that feels really good, even on the days when hormones make us feel a little ‘bat-sh*t’. How we age is up to us, so it’s time for you to create your own set of rules and make the second-half of YOUR life the best half - whatever that looks like to you.

And the bonus?

Every time a woman like you shows up fully for herself, she helps shift the outdated conversation around ageing. And that means a better world for all women.

By combining my skill set as a life coach, writer, fellow peri-menopause warrior, self-development junkie AND my former training as a menstrual awareness educator, my coaching is uniquely focused on the very real challenges of menopause and life after 40.

Are you ready to feel better, live better, and love better by becoming the Leading Lady in your own life?

Then book a free discovery call to find out more xox

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