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Anyone can buy into the myth that life after 40 is all downhill, but I know you’re different. 

You’ve proved that just by showing up here.  So I’ll take a chance and bet that, like me, you're fed up of being told it's too late (because in your heart you know it isn't) and you’d rather write your own damn script for life after 40.  


So, what is it you're waiting for?


Is it more time (or the prefect time)?  More energy or confidence?  More clarity?  More money?  Or all of that and more?

I get it, I've waited for all of those things and once I stopped waiting...well, that's when life really started to get interesting...and fun!

What if you stopped waiting and started making your dreams a reality?  


What if you could start a love affair with your life today?

The greatest potential for growth and self-realisation exists in the second half of life.
— Carl Jung
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  • Sailing around the Greek Islands with your family; spending a whole summer in a villa in Tuscany; or moving to that dream house.
  • Romantic trips away with your partner to beautiful cities, cosy cottages, or a beachside villa whenever you like.
  • Waking up every morning excited to dive into work because you finally discovered what lights you up.
  • Reconnecting with an old passion, or falling in love with a new one like photography, dance, art, running, hiking or yoga.
  • Or maybe when you close your eyes what you dream of is that magical day when you get to hold your first published book in your hands.


YOUR Life after Forty can be any kind of adventure YOU choose.  


In my signature programme ‘Loving YOUR Life After 40’ we’ll throw out any preconceived ideas about Life After 40 and explore what Loving Life After 40 really looks like to YOU.  

  • Together we’ll rewrite the script for YOUR life after 40 AND we’ll look deeply at WHO you really want to BE in the second half of your life so that you can start creating the life you truly desire. 
  • We’ll get to the heart of what is holding you back from having your dream life whether it’s time, mindset, finances or anything else, so that you have more confidence and clarity as you move towards your dreams.
  • Together we’ll create powerful strategies so that you can take action on that life you are daring to dreaming of PLUS I’ll share my top tips for infusing your days with more beauty and pleasure so that you can start a love affair with your life immediately.


Are you ready to fall madly and passionately in love with YOUR life after 40?



Loving YOUR Life After 40
- 3 month Programme


This 1:1 coaching programme is for motivated women who are ready to fully commit to throwing out the old script for life after 40 and dive into writing a new one that transforms their whole life.  

During this intense programme I will fully support you as together we set goals and work on designing a life that you are really excited about.  

And FYI, yes this is intense work but it won't be overwhelming, it's all about creating a life full of more fun and if you're wondering how on earth to actually make changes happen - especially when you've got to juggle kids, work, a husband etc. then believe me, I hear you lovely.  

As a mum of 3 who solo parents much of the time and runs a business, juggling and balance are key parts of my everyday life!  I can help you hone in on what to focus on first plus help you find ways to make designing your dream life less stressful and more fun.  

During this 3-month 1-1 programme we'll enjoy a combination of weekly and fortnightly calls where we'll get really clear on your dreams and desires, set powerful goals to keep you focused, and create a strategic action plan so that you can start Loving Your Life After 40 right from Day One. 




(payment plan available)


My clients enjoy:

  • more clarity about what they want from their lives,
  • more positivity and confidence in themselves and life after 40,
  • better relationships with their husbands and children,
  • more connection to themselves,
  • AND they tell me that those around them notice the difference too as they radiate more joy, and experience more fun, beauty, and pleasure on a daily basis.  

Using deep intuition and balancing positivity with realistic strategy I’ll be right by your side throughout our coaching series, asking the questions that need to be asked and cheering you on.  I can’t wait to get to know you better and help you start Loving YOUR Life After 40.




(payment plan available)

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