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if you're an entrepreneur over 40 (or want to be one) then you're in exactly

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The impact club is a monthly membership group Supporting & Inspiring

ambitious Women Over 40 Who are ready to Make An








So... Let Me Ask you




The impact CLub is for YOU if:


You want to make a positive impact through your words, art, coaching, a passionate new movement Or Business. 

You’re ready to grab life with both hands, stop wasting time and finally do the things you’ve always wanted to do.

You want to surround yourself with other ambitious women over 40 who know that age is no barrier to dreams and success.



You want to create success on your own damn terms.  No apologies.  No excuses.  now is your time.



Maybe you want to make an impact on how women feel about themselves and their body.

Maybe you want to create beautiful art or jewellery that brings people joy and impacts their daily life.

Maybe you want to work 1-1 with women, inspiring them to step out of their comfort zones, and impacting how they see themselves and choose to live their life.

Or maybe you want to make an impact by writing a book, starting a women's group in your local neighbourhood, founding a charity, or launching a movement to save our planet.

However big or small your dream is, now is the time to create an impact and share your voice and message with others


I know it can feel hard sometimes.  Where do you begin?  How do you get clear on what your message is?  And, if you’re like me then you want to create and grow a business that compliments and supports your life – not one that drains you of energy or takes up all your hours.  

In the midst of all the messages about working harder, pushing more and hustling as if your life depends on it, it's easy to feel exhausted before you even get going and wonder if you can actually have what you really want:


fun, fulfillment, success


plenty of time for your loved ones and life’s simple pleasures. 


Because hey, we're over 40 now!  We know what really matters in life... and it's not over-scheduling, being endlessly busy, and wasting time.  I understand, because those are my core desires too and they have been at the heart of creating both my online magazine and this membership group.  

Whether you're already sharing your message or just beginning to listen to that whisper that won't go away, I know it can sometimes feel overwhelming, confusing and even isolating.


Whilst you know in your heart that you are being called to make an impact in the world:

- others around you don’t always understand or support you,

- some days you feel like you’re stuck on a hamster wheel of never-ending thoughts and ideas,

- there are moments when you feel like a fraud or as though you have nothing to say at all,

- and staying focused and motivated can feel like a full-time job in itself.


The truth is that pretty much everyone feels like this at some point – no matter how far along the journey they are.  

You just have to keep taking one step at a time.  

Show up.  

Be consistent.  

Have a purpose and a plan (and a healthy dose of passion).

You can do it.  

And The Club is here to provide you with the inspiration, tools and support to help you succeed in making YOUR impact.

how we age


up to us!

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I believe passionately that the world needs to hear the voices and wisdom of older women like you.  That society’s views of women over 40 will only really change for good when more women over 40 are speaking out, speaking up and making an impact on our world.  That those coming up behind us will only stop seeing 40 as something to fear or worry about when they have role models like YOU to look up to.  Who prove that how we age is up to us and that we are here to make a difference in our world. 


You see, the first 40 years of your life has been about Practice & Preparation.  

But NOW is the time to embrace more




in all areas of your life. 


Because in order to really make an impact (and keep making one) you have to take care of yourself and your life too.  That’s what really makes your business (and you) SHINE.


You don’t have to know it all.  

You just have to want to take the first step and be ready to create your own positive impact on the world – whether it’s with one person at a time or by reaching over a million.  

The Impact Club has resources waiting to help you make your impact on the world AND create a beautiful life after 40, so that every part of your life works in harmony.  You'll find powerful resources on things like Journaling, Menopause, Meditation and Self-Love, PLUS all the Business resources you need to help you create a kickass but super-simple, no-stress business plan, info on which systems and tools I can't do without in my business, and much more to help you refine your message, know your purpose and say goodbye to procrastination and confusion, and hello to focused action and powerful clarity. 




Are you ready to make an impact?  

When you join The Impact Club you'll get instant access to all the resources currently inside such as Courses, Ebooks, Checklists, Challenges, and tons more PLUS new things are added every month.  That's EVERYTHING I've created so far and everything that I create from now on.  No having to buy anything else again.  And because it sucks when you purchase something online and then don't have access to the teacher/creator, inside The Club you have full access to me via our Private Facebook group.    



Want to see inside?  No worries, here's a quick peek at some of the things you'll find...

club images.jpg

Inside you'll find a beautiful hub with dedicated areas for Life, Business, Longevity, Menopause and more, because the different areas of our life are not isolated, each one affects the others.  The Club is here to help you ensure that each area works in harmony with the rest, so that you are fully supported as you share your gifts and make your impact on the world.  This is the only way to truly avoid burnout, stress, and feeling unfulfilled, and instead enjoy more Passion, Purpose & Pleasure.    



And, as a member of The Club you'll have access to our supportive Private Facebook Group, where you can connect with other women who are ready to make an impact After Forty.  


Join the IMPACT Club 

Join today for just $20 per month


The Impact Club is more than just a programme or book - it gives you access to a range of resources to help you start showing up and making a positive impact in our world.  To share your gifts, your passion, your wisdom.  Now is your time to shine in every area of your life and create a Life you Love After 40.   

Membership to the club means you can sit back, relax and create your own personal curriculum, taking your time to learn in a way that suits you best, for as long as you want.  No deadlines, no stress, The Impact Club is here to become part of your life, offering you support and inspiration whenever you need it.  And you can cancel any time you choose, no long term committment required.  Join for 1 month or stay for 12.  It's totally up to you.  Plus new things are added every month so there is always something new to dive into.

Are You Ready to start making an IMPACT?






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