product review guide

We love to review things here at Loving Life After Forty so here are a few things to know before getting in touch:


Our readers:

Our readers are multi-passionate women aged 40+ so all products must be suitable for this market.  They love books, culture, wellbeing, and travel, and are also socially minded.  Although many of our readers are mums we do not review parenting products.   


What We Are Happy to Review:

  • Books - fiction and non-fiction

  • Workshops, Retreats, Hotels, Events etc. - although we are based in NZ we have freelance writers around the globe so location is not usually an issue

  • Beauty & Wellbeing Products - we prefer things that are natural and environmentally friendly. We won't review products that have been tested on animals or are marketed as 'anti-aging'

  • Stationary - including journals and notebooks

please note:

We will only write reviews on things that we genuinely love and know our readers will too, so if you send us a product and we don't think it is right for our readers then we won't post a review.

If we choose not to do a review on your product we will let you know why but please understand that our decision is final. 

If you send us a product for review we cannot return it to you, whether we review it or not.

If you send us a physical product to review we have the right to offer it to our readers in a competition provided that it is still in perfect condition.  

If you send us a product to review we are not required to pay for it in any way, whether we publish a review or not.

If you invite us to review a workshop, retreat, hotel break etc. then we are not required to pay any costs unless agreed beforehand.

Reviews will be carried out and written by  Jo or one of our freelance writers.

Reviews may be featured on their own or as part of a 'Things I Love' post.

We do not send out reviews for approval before publishing.


If you think your product is right for us or have any further questions then get in touch using the form below xox

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