Note to Self


How might your life be different if you were truly your own best friend? 

Have you ever received a love letter? 

How about a letter offering you words of wisdom in a time of crisis?  If you have then you will know how it makes your heart skip a beat, how it makes you glow from the inside out, how you read and reread the words a thousand times until you know them by heart, every last one imprinted on your soul.

If you haven't had a letter like this wouldn't you like one?

What if that letter was from yourself?  What if you wrote to yourself with the passion of a lover, the heart of a mother and the gentleness of a friend?  What if you were your own best friend, embracing who you truly are, tenderly offering yourself forgiveness for past mistakes, wisdom you have longed to hear and love that comes only from one who truly knows your desires.  What an extraordinary gift of self-love that would be, a way of healing the past and gaining clarity for the future. 

'Note to Self' invites you to write love letters for your soul and helps you discover the beauty and power of self-love, acceptance and becoming your own best friend.  Exploring topics such as Healing, Menstruation and Body Image ‘Note to Self’ shares wisdom, top tips and letters from over 30 inspiring women around the world.  

Note To Self
Jo’s love affair with writing comes through vividly in this collection of notes to self. What a beautiful compilation of love, support, and wisdom from varied voices on an assortment of women’s experiences. A truly inspiring read filled with encouragement on speaking your truth and living authentically!
I have so loved reading through these letters. I could feel my heart opening with each page, with each sweet word of love, encouragement and hope. The part of myself that is still that shy, scared, self-conscious adolescent felt completely heard and loved, as though the words were written just for her. Every woman, in fact every teenage girl, needs to read this, and use the guidance to write their own love letter to themselves. This book is filled with so much healing, gentleness and love. Thank you for bringing it into the world.
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