Things I Love - March

by Jo Macdonald

things i love march

The first quarter of the year is almost gone and I for one have spent most of it very slowly emerging back into the world.  There's is such a push to start the year with a bang, and I often fall into that trap too, but I'm beginning to find the pleasure in taking a bit more time to explore how I really want the New Year to feel, and the kind of experiences I want to enjoy. 

Now that Spring is officially on its way here in the UK, I too am feeling those new shoots of creativity and have a clearer idea of how I want the rest of the year to unfold.  I'm learning even more deeply that busy doesn't necessarily equal productive, and that letting go of the unnecessary and outdated, and creating more space in our days for connection and pleasure instead, is so vital to our overall wellbeing.   

Some of the things that have been making my March special are:

Things I love - Masterclass


I love to learn.  I didn't particularly like school, but I have always loved learning new things and Masterclass is a great way to get lessons from some of the best in the world.  I've been enjoying cooking lessons with Gordon Ramsey, diving into environmental issues with Dr. Jane Goodall, and am about to start deepening my writing practice with Shonda Rhimes - it's defintitely worth grabbing the year long pass as there is so much to enjoy!  

Beautiful cuff by Hobbs

With warmer days on the way I'm dreaming of lazy evenings in the garden, hammock time and laidback comfort.  On my birthday wish list is this gorgeous cuff by Hobbs, perfect to go with any relaxed summer outfit 

Pencils from Night Navy

We can all find it hard to motivate ourselves sometimes, and these pencils are the perfect way to keep you feeling a bit more focused - I even gave some to my eldest daughter to help with her exam revisions.  

From my Bookshelf:  this month I rediscovered a book I bought a few years ago and have been diving into it again, and loving it!  The Way of the Happy Woman by Sara Avant Stover takes you through the year (starting in Spring) helping you get back on track mentally, physically and emotionally.  I found it very powerful last time I used it and am feeling that the time is right to work through it once more, especially with perimenopause symptoms casuing some disruption. 

I've also been loving indulging in Grey's Anatomy which is now on Netflix (right from episode 1), I started watching years ago but never saw it from the very beginning - am so loving seeing Sandra Oh as Christina again!  

Yoga has been my saviour this year, I have started doing private 1-1 lessons fortnightly and it has been helping so much with my menopause symptoms - not eliminating them, but definitely easing them, and hopefully that will continue as the year progresses along with my flexibility. This article by Lucy Blenkinsopp over on the site inspired me to get back into my practice.

I discovered the magic of Pinterest thanks to the lovely Michelle Simpkin and a hugely informative 1-1 session with her.  I've now got a much clearer idea of how to actually use Pinterest for business (and not just saving pics of cute puppies!), if you're interested in growing a business you definitely need to connect with her, honestly I had no idea how much you could do.  She hasn't officially announced her Pinterest sessions yet so jump onto her newsletter so you can be the first to grab a spot when they go live. 

Some of the links in this post are affiliate links. This means if you click on the link and purchase the item, I will receive a small affiliate commission at no extra cost to you. All opinions remain my own though and I never share anything that I don't genuinely love.

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