How To Survive The School Holidays As An Online Entrepreneur

How To Survive The School Holidays As An Online Entrepreneur

I know you love your kids.  Of course you do…. BUT I also know that when you want to share your message and make an impact on this world, you kind of can’t wait for the little darlings to get their butts back to school, so you can stop the juggling madness and focus on your never ending to do list and growing this business that you also love. 

So, how do you keep your business from stalling whilst also being the cool, fun holiday mum? 

1 – Know that you just can’t do everything - if you try you will literally drive yourself crazy and burnout.  It’s just not possible to be the 'perfect' business owner and 'perfect' mum during the holidays - actually it's not possible at any time, so seriously, let that idea go right now.   

2 – Be prepared – this is the key, before the holidays arrive get things in place to help your business tick along.  Write some blog posts in advance and pre-schedule them to go out.  Hop over to Canva and create a bunch of Instagram and Facebook graphics, save them to your phone or pc and then you can just share them when you’re ready.  Pre-write newsletters and schedule them to go out at the right time.  If you do videos then batch create a few and again, schedule them to go out.  Automation is your best friend as a business owner and that goes double when you have kids, especially during the holidays. 

How To Survive The School Holidays as an Online Entrepreneur

3 - Know your M.I.T's - identify your 1-2 Most Important Tasks for your business each day and prioritise them.  When you focus on the things that really help your business grow, and stop getting caught up in the little things, you get the best results. 

4 – Share your time – this one depends on the age of your children.  If they are old enough to safely amuse themselves then why not agree to work mornings and spend afternoons hanging out with them going for walks, cooking, playing games etc. Or do it the other way around if that suits you better.  If they’re a bit younger, then you might have to work during their nap time or do a couple of hours in the evening.  Why not plan a couple of days for them to hang out at a friend’s house (or with a family member) so you can have a few more hours to get things done. Whatever you choose to do just make sure that when you are working you’re focusing on the things that actually move your business forwards, rather than things that just keep you busy! 

5 – Give yourself a break – your business should be helping you to live a life you love after forty so make sure you remember to take a break too.  Especially during those long summer holidays.  A week or two off is vital for your own wellbeing, and you might just find it helps give you some much needed clarity on certain things too.  I often end up getting my best ideas when I take time away from everything and just relax.  And most importantly, time goes fast, your kids will grow up quicker than you think and these holidays with them really are special – even if they can feel demanding. 

Make the most of them. 

Have fun and create those memories that last a lifetime. 

That is what Loving Life After Forty is truly about.