Things I Love - January 2018

Things I Love - January 2018

A new year.  New hopes.  New dreams. 

Oh, there is something so magical about January isn't there?  

Unfortunately, like most of the UK I started this year with less of a bang and more of a cough and splutter, as the dreaded flu struck - 3 weeks on and (again, like so many others) I'm still not quite back to 100%.  BUT luckily for me, several things have helped to make sure this January hasn't been a total blow out (no pun intended).  Here are a few of them:



Yep, there is nothing that makes you feel a ton better than curling up with a good book (or 3). This year I've pledged to buy NO books (eek, quite a thing for a bookaholic) for 2 reasons: 1 - I've got a ton of unread books in my house that I really want/need to read and 2 - I want to reduce my consumerism this year as part of taking more responsibility for our planet. So, book reading this year is either something on my shelf or borrowed from the library (we have to use our libraries if we want them to stay open). This month I've been reading: Three Sisters, Three Queens by Philippa Gregory; Lessons I've Learned by Davina McCall and You are a Badass by Jen Sincero. All amazing reads!


Smoothie Heaven

It might be cold and dark outside but it's been summer in my kitchen, and when you have the flu nothing feels quite so good as a delicious smoothie full of goodness. Thanks to a recommendation I have found the PERFECT family blender and it has been so good. Honestly, I can't tell you how much I love it. I spent ages trying to decide whether to get one and am so glad I went for it. We've been using a mixture of frozen and fresh fruit so there is always a great variety. The kids can make their own, I can make my own, there's no mess and only the bottle you drink out of to wash up - bliss! Now, to get brave enough to try some green smoothies!!!!

Other things I've been enjoying are:

The Crown - oh, thankyou Netflix for bringing this fantastic series to us.  Fabulous acting, beautiful filmography and a wonderful script mean this has been a pure joy to (binge)watch.  I also loved watching Cable Girls which is a Spanish series but dubbed into English for those of us with limited Spanish skills, and am excited to see that the new series of Grace & Frankie has just started which is always so fun to dive into.  

My lovely soy candle from Pure Thoughts has been making my bedroom a far lovelier place to curl up in whilst unwell.  All the products are gorgeous and made with so much love.

And over on Instagram the very talented @abbywilkesphotography has been brightening up my feed with her stunning images Do go and follow her, she's got some exciting things planned for this year and is a truly gifted photographer.