6 'Classic' Summer Reads

by Jo Macdonald

Okay, I admit it, they're not classics like Pride & Prejudice or Wuthering Heights - although I genuinely love those too, but more on a winter's evening, curled up by the fire, and with a mug of thick hot chocolate.  

No, these are those fabulous 80's/90's, totally switch off your brain and just enjoy the fun, classics. The ones we read in our teens, that we shared with our girl friends and didn't want to put down.  The ones that left us swooning over romantic liasons, and giggling over racy sex scenes.  The ones that felt ever so slightly risque and made us feel terribly grown-up.  Those books.

Who doesn't remember the anticipation of discovering who Lilli's mother was in Lace and getting hopelessly lost as the story unfolded piece by piece?  And how many girls decide to take up horseriding after reading Riders for the first time?  

And yes, they can be a little bit cheesy, and a little bit over the top, but they are also so much fun to read.  They are the 'perfect, lazy summer afternoons lying by the pool or in a hammock, enjoying a bit of escapism' books.  Yes, we are grown-ups, yes we are interested in growth and personal development.  But, damn it, sometimes we just need to read something that doesn't make us want to take a million notes, or concentrate too hard, or take ourselves (or our literary choices) so bloody seriously.  Sometimes we all just need to forget everything and lose ourselves in a story that's pure pleasure.     

So, here are 6 all time 'classics' that are guaranteed to  whisk you away to another world, right up until the last page. Treat yourself to some literary fun this summer and rediscover the pleasure of getting lost in some good, old-fashioned, story-telling.