Why The UK Election Was A Success For Women Over 40

by Jo Macdonald


Okay, just for a moment let's forget who voted for who, which policies are good, bad and just plain bloody ridiculous, and who believes in a hard Brexit/soft Brexit/No Brexit etc.  Let's put all of that to one side and take a minute to celebrate the fact that the election was a success for women over 40.

First of all, the highest ever number of women MP's were elected in Thursday's election - 207.  And yes, we're still a way off having a 50-50 parliament representation and yes I know, nearly 100 years on from us women here in the UK finally getting the vote (thank you Suffragettes) things are taking their time...but, things are beginning to head in the right direction...finally!  

But here's the real celebration for those of us over 40 - of those 207 women elected more than two-thirds were over 40, with several of the others soon to join the over-40 ranks.  Now personally I think that's a pretty cool statistic.  Whatever party they may side with and whatever our own personal thoughts about them and their politics, having more women over 40 in Parliament shows that older women are passionate advocates for their beliefs, it gives women over 40 a voice, and it keeps on proving that we are a group that matters and has a vital part to play in our society (even if the media likes to suggest sometimes that we should go quietly into the next phase of our life).  

So, let's take a moment to pause in our concerns as to what happens next and raise a glass to celebrate the fact that women over 40 had a successful night.  Cheers!