3 Podcasts Every Entrepreneur Needs To Know

3 Podcasts Every Entrepreneur Needs To Know

How would you like to have some of the leading business women and men in the world giving you their advice?  For free!  Well, in today's world you can have exactly that...and all whilst you go for a run, do laundry or drive your car.  

No matter what age you are and what stage of business you are in there's always more to learn and the good news is that those of us over 40 are only too happy to dive in and get as much information as possible - we're old enough to know that we don't know everything and smart emough to learn from those who do.  So, if you want to get ahead in business and get great advice straight from those who are at the top of their game then Podcasts are one of the easiest and best ways to do this.  

Over the years I've listened to a lot of different podcasts, and stopped listening to almost as many, but here are the 3 that have kept me returning time after time:

  1. The Robin Sharma Mastery Sessions - I'm a big fan of Robin Sharma and his podcasts are my #1 favourite, not least because they are short and to the point which is perfect for when I'm heading to or from school pickup or doing laundry etc, because let's be honest time is precious for all of us and we're often multi-tasking. He covers leadership mindset and (along with his books) has been my leading 'guru' for years, if you only make time for one podcast make it this one, it will shift your whole way of aproaching business and every episode is a game-changer.

  2. Glambition Radio with Ali Brown - these longer podcast interviews dive into everything from money to mindset and Ali has interviewed leading entrepreneurs such as Danielle LaPorte, Tara Marino and JJ Virgin. Her warm, smart approach make these very easy to listen to and they're packed full of great information, and with over 250,000 listeners I'm not the only one who thinks so.

  3. Beautiful Money - host Leanne Jacobs interviews leading entrepreneurs about their money mindset, tips and journey to success giving you all you need to know to become a real money maven. Episodes are under an hour so always pretty easy to fit into your day and are well worth listening to whatever your own thoughts and beliefs around money are.