What You Should Wear After 40

What You Should Wear After 40

Have you ever read any of the articles out there about what we should or shouldn't wear after 40?  Honestly, the majority of them make me want to rip my eyes out.  

Okay, perhaps that is a little dramatic...and messy...and yes you're right it would be rather painful...but those articles (or general comments from others) really irritate me.  Who gets to decide what women should and shouldn't wear?  And why does anyone even care that much if a 45 year old is in a bikini, or a 60 year old is wearing a mini-skirt?  Isn't fashion meant to be fun, isn't it meant to be an expression of who we each are as individuals? 

I've never been much good at being told what to do, and I definitely don't listen to anyone who tells me what I can and can't wear just because I've moved into a new decade.  So what if my arms aren't quite as toned as they used to be, or if my elbows are a little saggier or my middle and thighs a little wobblier.  I've had 3 children damn it and if I want to wear a sleeveless top or shorter skirt then I will, and if my over-40 skin offends you then I'm afraid I don't really care.  And I'm not the only one who feels this way.

I don’t believe in age-appropriate dress: just make your personal statement and feel confident about it. Tomorrow is another day and another look.
— debra rapoport

In his beautiful book 'Advanced Style' Ari Seth Cohen brings us an array of stylish older ladies all proving that it's not what you wear that matters it's the attitude you bring with it.  Each of the ladies featured in this stunning photographic collection have a unique style and are all clearly still having fun with fashion.  Ari sums it up best in the opening to the book when he says:

'I have never considered 'old' a bad word.  To be old is to be experienced, wise, and advanced. The ladies I photograph challenge stereotypical views on age and aging.  They are youthful in mind and spirit and express themselves through personal style and individual creativity.  The soul of Advanced Style is not bound to age, or even to style, but rather to the celebration of life.  The fashion these women display is merely a reflection of the care and thought they put into every aspect of their lives.  These photos offer proof that the secret to remaining vital in our later years is to never stop being curious, never stop creating, and never stop having fun.'

So to summarise, just in case you're still wondering, What should you wear after 40?  Anything you damn well want!  

You can discover more about Ari's project to continue photographing stylish older ladies and the documentary he made over on his website.  You can also follow the Instagram and Facebook pages for more inspiration.  

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