5 Inspiring Ted Talks for Female Leadership

by Jo Macdonald

5 Inspiring Ted Talks for Female Leadership

More and more women (especially over 40) are beginning to dream of being leaders, of running their own businesses, of speaking out about causes they're passionate about, of being more visible and changing the world we live in.  It's why I set up The Impact Club as part of Loving Life After Forty.

Luckily for us we live in the digital age and have the biggest resource for success at our finger tips - the internet.  One of the best things about the internet is not just the opportunity to connect with others and find the answers to everything, it's the opportunity to attend events virtually and learn from some of the most inspiring people on the planet.  We're living in a time where we have access to absolutely everything we could ever need to become hugely successful - in every single area of our life, if we choose to that is.  TedTalks are a great place to find some of the most inspiring ideas and advice around but with literally thousands to choose from it can be a little overwhelming.  

So, here are 5 beautiful, funny, inspiring talks to kickstart your female leadership and help you move to the next level in your life:

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