A Chance to Inspire the Next Generation

by Jo Macdonald


What do you wish you had known when you were younger?  What skills do you wish you could have learnt?  What adventures or opportunities would have made a difference in your life?  

Now you can have your say and help the next generation of girls benefit from your wisdom. The Girlguides are overhauling their badges (and in the process their image) and they're asking parents, girls, and everyone else for their ideas to help bring them up to date and give girls new opportunities to broaden their skills.

Whilst many older people might think that Girlguide badges tend to focus on songs around the campfire and skills such as household chores, being a good hostess and needlework, this couldn't be futher from the truth.  In fact in the 1910s an Air Mechanic badge was added followed by an Engineering one in the 1930s.    

With their tagline 'Adventure, Fun and Friendship. Just For Girls' it's worth remembering that the Girlguides started after a group of girls turned up at a Scout gathering demanding to have a go too and it has been pushing the boundaries ever since.

Olympic Gymnast Beth Tweddle has had her say on a new badge, suggesting a 'Resilience' badge to 'give girls the chance to build their mental wellbeing and learn how to cope with the stresses of everyday life.'  And with girls themselves suggesting things such as 'Inventor'; 'Be Yourself' and 'Chemist' there is no doubt that the next generation of Girlguides will be pushing the boundaries even further.

What do you think young girls should be learning more about?  Have your say using the hashtag #BadgeGoals or find out more here.