Keeping Date Night Fun

Keeping Date Night Fun

Ah the elusive 'date night'.

That modern invention that our parents just used to call 'going out'.  With so many people discussing the benefits of regular date nights it's hard to argue with the fact that it's important for a happy relationship to spend time together, but when work and family feel all consuming date nights can seem like far too much effort as frankly we'd rather just collapse on the sofa and stare at the television.  And if we do make it out we generally head to the same pub or restaurant and, let's be honest here, probably order the same things as every other time.  It's understandable but honestly, it's not that much fun.  

So, here are 9 super simple date night ideas that will help put the fun into your date nights...

  1. Candle-lit dinner - yes I know, it may be a cliche but it is one for a good reason. Sitting at the table together eating good food (whether you cook it or order it in) with candles going is the simplest way to recharge your romantic batteries and reconnect with each other - strictly no phones allowed! And why not set the dress code tie, underwear's entirely up to you!

  2. Movie Night - perfect as you don't even have to leave the house...or sofa! Pick a movie guaranteed to enhance a romantic mood (horror or action movies are probably best avoided!), then snuggle up and let the power of cinema romance work its magic.

  3. Playing Hooky - very important not to confuse this with playing 'hockey' which is infinitely less romantic! Okay, so it's not technically a date 'night' as it is a daytime thing but there is something very romantic about ditching work and taking a day off to be together. So often we save our days off for family holidays or other commitments but a sneaky day off to spend doing something together (lunch out, walking somewhere beautiful, time at a Spa, staying in bed) will feel really special...and a little bit naughty too!

  4. Picnic Time - whether a carpet picnic inside by a roaring fire or outside under a warm summer evening sky, picnics are great for Date Nights. Simple food that you can share (and feed each other) whilst lying back on a pile of cushions and rugs is perfect for instant relaxation and romance.

  5. Star-gazing - easily follows on from any of the above. Grab some rugs, pillows and a mug of something hot or glass of something sparkling, then lie back, snuggle up and watch the beauty of the night sky. If it's a full moon then even better! Extra points if you get the fire-pit going too!

  6. Go dancing - head to a concert, nightclub, take dance classes or if you really can't face leaving the house then just turn on the tunes and make your own dance party. Music is one of the best ways to let go of all other stresses in life and just have fun, and dancing together can be very romantic.

  7. Play Games - any board game or card game can be made more fun and ahem 'romantic' with a little imagination! Pull out an old favourite, let your imagination run wild and who knows 'Pictionary' may never be the same again!!!!

  8. Go for a drive - then snuggle in, imagine you're teenagers again and...well, I'm sure you can imagine the rest.

  9. Go to a hotel - even just one night away can reduce your stress levels and ramp up the romance, plus you can get breakfast in bed - what's not to like!.