If having your own Personal Editor and Writing Coach on hand sounds like something you'd love, then read on beautiful!


did you know that 85% of entrepreneurs dream of writing a book...

but only 5% actually will?


I'm guessing that as you're here you're already one of the 85%...but how would you like to become one of the 5%?


Just close your eyes for a moment and imagine what it would feel like to actually have written your book, to hold it in your hands, to have taken that idea out of your head and got it all onto the page.  It would feel pretty damn good wouldn't it!  If you want that, then the first step is to write the first draft and I want to help you make that happen.


Dream to First Draft is my VIP 1-1 programme that takes you from idea to finished first draft in just 90 days,


If you're:

  • bursting with excitement and passion because you just can't wait any longer to share your personal story, a story you know will inspire and help others,


  • are ready to write a book that will serve your ideal clients, position you as an expert, bring your message to a much bigger audience, and that you can use to create workshops and other business opportunities,


then this is the programme for you lovely!


As a fellow writer I know how tough it can be to face the blank page, to show up consistently, to keep going, to stay motivated.  I also know how incredible it feels to finish your first draft, and later on to hold your published book in your hands.  The truth is that having someone on the writing journey with you, to support and motivate you, makes it much more likely that you will get that first draft finished.  

A half-written book, or an idea stuck in your head won't serve anyone.  





writing may be solitary but you don't have to do it alone...



Ernest Hemmingway once said 'There's nothing to writing. All you do is sit down at a typewriter and bleed.'  Personally, I don't think it has to be quite that dramatic or fact, I think it can actually be fun (especially when you have tea, biscuits, and someone to share the experience with you). 

How would it feel to: 

  • figure out exactly what you want to say and how you want to say it?
  • have your own private editor and writing coach on hand all the way through helping you produce your best work possible?
  • have a clear action plan that keeps you focused and on track (a plan that fits in with your actual life so you avoid overwhelm)?  
  • show up at the blank page consistently and let your dream of being a writer start to become a reality?
  • let go so that you write from your heart and soul, weaving pieces of yourself into every page?
  • actually complete your first draft?

how it works




During our 90 Days we'll have:

  • 8 x 30 minute Skype checkins
  • plus 4 x 90 minute intensives (in other words we'll be talking 1-1 every week...I will literally be with you throughout the whole process).  
  • You'll also be able to send me your writing throughout our time together so I can edit it, make creative suggestions, work with you to ensure your writing is clear and consistent, and help you produce the best first draft possible (ensuring it's as close to a print-ready manuscript as possible at the end of 90 days)


The 90 Days are split into 3 powerful steps:






Want more info on what's covered?  

No problem lovely, here's what you can expect during our 90 days together...



Get super clear on your idea

Outline your purpose + desired outcome

Identify your unique writing voice + style

Ensure everything is 'on brand' 

Explore options for your Working Title & Tagline

Create a beautiful outline for your book 



Identify personal challenges + create a strategy to prevent them stalling your writing success

Develop & strengthen mindset to beat procrastination

Set a completion date for your finished first draft

Craft a writing plan + schedule to keep you on track and out of overwhelm

Accountability check-ins, motivational boosts, and full editing and writing support

Completed first draft



Final full manuscript edit by me

Detailed outline of suggestions + ideas for getting your manuscript print ready 

An action plan for your next steps


COST: £1,995

(payment plan available)

If you're ready to stop dreaming and actually write your book then I can't wait to help you, just get in touch below to get started xox

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