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Hey lovely,

Welcome to Loving Life After Forty, a magazine site launched in 2017 for women aged 40+ who are ready to chuck out the rule book and age however they damn well please! 

This is where you'll find articles on all aspects of life after 40, whether it's starting your own buisness, dealing with menopause or discovering a new passion.  We're here to celebrate the ups and downs of real life and prove that how you age is up to you.



I'm Jo and I'm a Freelance Writer, Coach and the founder of Loving Life After Forty.  I'm also a mum of 3 and an official late bloomer.  Rewind the clock and you'll find a girl who didn't finish school, had some pretty unhealthy habits (vodka & orange for breakfast anyone!) and despite some big dreams just didn't have the self-belief and confidence to see them through.  

Now in my 40's I have more confidence and self-belief than ever and I know I'm not alone in that.  

One of the best things about working with women over 40 is that I get to see first hand how incredible they are and witness the wisdom and experience that only comes with years.  Yes, we might be flat out with kids, work, caring for elderly parents etc. but we are also full of dreams and desires and have a range of passions and interests.  We know more about ourselves, about what we are capable of, what we want (and what we don't want), plus we have a growing desire to do more of the things that interest us, to have adventures and to focus on the things that really matter...and that only increases as the years go by.

Can I be honest with you here?

Okay, here goes...

I'm sick of reading things that say they're pro-aging and then advertise 'anti-aging' products, of articles aimed at our age group that focus on 'how to look 10 years younger' or of people telling me that '40 is the new 20' - I don't want to be bloody 20 again thanks!  I don't know about you, but I had literally no clue what the hell I was doing at 20.  

I want 40 to be 40...to be celebrated and seen in a positve way, to be seen as it is, a time of great opportunity and change.  

And this is what's at the heart of Loving Life After Forty.  

My mission here at Loving Life After Forty is to help shift the conversation around aging, to celebrate women and life after 40, to discuss real issues honestly but without the doom and gloom spin that is so often put on them, and to highlight the incredible things that women over 40 are out there doing.  

Women are amazing.  

Women over 40 are seriously amazing.  

You are amazing.  

And for the first time there is a place to hang out and celebrate this and help rewrite the script for life after 40.  I hope you'll join this growing community and start Loving Your Life After Forty too.

Jo xox

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