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Loving Life After Forty is the place for women aged 40+ who want to make the second half of their life the best half.

You'll find articles on all aspects of life after 40 from dealing with menopause to interviews with women who are loving life after 40 (even when it’s challenging), to honest conversations about sex and relationships, wellbeing, career talks and more. 

We're here to celebrate and discuss the ups and downs of real life after 40 with you, in all its messy fabulousness, and prove that how you age is up to you.

About Jo

I'm a Freelance Writer, Coach and the founder & Editor of Loving Life After Forty.  I'm also a mum of 3 (20, 18 & 14), a chocoholic happy introvert addicted to books.  

Despite crashing into my 40s on a wave of grief after losing three loved ones in just eight months (nothing can prepare you for receiving a 40th birthday card from someone you love who has just passed away unexpectedly two days before), and then falling headfirst into the hormonal chaos of peri-menopause which came with the gift of terrible anxiety, I can still honestly say that I am happier in myself now than I have ever been, and I know I'm not alone in that.

Okay, I know… it’s also a time that can feel like a tsunami of change. We can find ourselves flat out dealing with kids, an empty nest, changing relationships, work, careing for ageing parents, and the crazy hormonal ups and downs of peri-menopause can leave us practically gasping for air. Yes, our forties can definitely be a challenging time.

But we are also full of dreams and desires, with a whole range of passions and interests.  Even though some days menopause makes us wonder if we’re going crazy or if we’ll ever be able to eat dinner again without needing to undo our jeans, we know more about ourselves, what we are capable of, what we want, and what we don't want... and we want to live our lives the way we please. Sometimes we just need a little bit of guidance, support and cheering on.

And that’s what Loving Life After Forty is all about.

Inspiring, motivating and supporting YOU to become the Leading Lady in your own life story so that your second-half of life can be the best half.

My mission here at Loving Life After Forty is to help shift the conversation around ageing, to celebrate women and life after 40, and to discuss real issues honestly.  I want to share your voices and stories, highlight real role models that are ageing with attitude, and share information and advice to help all of us muddle through our 40s andbeyond with grace and gumption (and the occasional hot flash).

Women are amazing.  

Women over 40 are seriously amazing.  

You are amazing.  

And for the first time there is a place to hang out and celebrate this and help rewrite the script for life after 40.  I hope you’ll join this growing community and start Loving Your Life After Forty too.

Let me know what you want to read about over here

Jo xox