40 After 40

The Secret to Embracing Your Age

& Having More Fun!



I have one question for you:

What do you want your life after 40 to be like?


And I mean REALLY be like?  

Not the edited version where you factor in what other people think or expect, or focus on all those should's or have to's first, or the one where you worry that you might be too old for certain things or might have to start 'acting your age' (whatever that means anyway), but the one where you forget about anyone else's expectations, let your hair down, step out of your comfort zone, and choose your own version of life after 40, which includes having a LOT of fun?  What does that life look like?  

Pretty bloody good I imagine!

So, what if I told you that there was a super simple way you could make your life start to look just like that vision?


'We are so much more than our age.  we are dreamers, adventurers, creators, change-makers, entrepreneurs, and everything in-between.    

We are whatever we choose to be.'

~ Jo Macdonald,  '40 After 40: The Secret to Embracing Your Age & Having More Fun!'


What if you could:

  • feel more alive, sexy, and confident?
  • take your work life to another level and finally fulfil your biggest ambitions?
  • face your fears and do things you've always secretly wanted to?
  • finally take that trip you've always dreamed about, or learn that language you've always talked about learning, or be the fittest you've ever been?

Because that's what '40 After 40' can help you do, and so much more.  Plus, it's all about having a whole heap of fun along the way! 

So, what is '40 After 40'?

Put simply, it's a list of 40 things that feel fun, exciting and yes, maybe even challenging or scary for YOU.  Some will be big and require planning. Some will be small and easily achievable, so easy in fact that you might wonder why it’s taken you so long to do them.  Everyone’s list will be unique because we are all unique.  Whilst one person might be desperate to go white water rafting in Africa, another might be dreaming of reading the complete works of Shakespeare whilst curled up in front of a roaring log fire, with a glass of wine.  Whether you are dreaming big or small, whether you are introverted or extroverted, there are hundreds of things still to do with your life.  And the 40 After 40 system will help you actually do them.  

The 40 After 40 list is not a Bucket List: an often endless list of random things to do sometime before you die.  40 After 40 is so much more.  It's all about celebrating how bloody brilliant it is to be enjoying your life after 40, and it’s about honing in on the top 40 things you want to do.  It's about embracing your age and having more fun!  And achieving a whole lot of awesomeness along the way.  

Here's the Truth:

Once I fully embraced my age and chose to focus on what I really wanted to do, my life changed.  I'm more confident than before, I'm achieveing more, and faster too, and I'm having way more fun along the way.  And it's because I made a 40 After 40 List.  Without it I might never have launched my own online magazine, or spent 4 days driving around the coast of Cornwall in a vintage VW campervan, joined a Mastermind group to transform my business mindset, or learned how to make Paella just for fun (okay, that one still needs a bit more work!).  

And now I want to help YOU discover how much fun it is to actually start doing all those things you've talked about, to finally stop waiting and making excuses, and start making plans instead.  Whether it's to swim with dolphins, or climb a mountain, to crush grapes with your bare feet in Italy, or start your own business.  Whatever it is '40 After 40' will help you actually make it happen.

So, what will you choose?   

Inside you'll discover:

~ 401 Inspiring ideas: ranging from super simple to super challenging, these ideas are split into 5 sections, including: Wanderlust; Work Life; & Just For Fun.  They'll help inspire you as you make your own 40 After 40 List.

~ 5 Inspiring Stories: featuring 5 fabulous women achieving amazing things after 40, and proving 100% that you're never too old for anything.

~ Journaling & Brainstorming Prompts: designed to help you get crystal clear on the things you most want to do now you're over 40, ensuring that your list feels exciting and you can't wait to get started having more fun!



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Come and join the fun!

Jo xox