Other than my husband, kids and chocolate (and not necessarily in that order...chocolate is seriously good!) I have 2 main passions:

  • Words
  • Pleasure


Yes, I'm a word nerd and have a serious addiction to books and writing.  My idea of bliss = 1 x hammock, 1 x sandy beach and turquoise sea, plus 1 x new book to curl up with...it may also include Hugh Jackman, but sshhh, don't tell my husband! I love journaling, scribbling down stories, making endless lists, and of course, writing articles and books.  Want me to help you write your first book? Discover more here.    



Pleasure is a #1 priority in my life...and I say this as someone who went through several years of not prioritising it...at all.  Not that I didn't have any fun, but I truly believed that I didn't deserve to experience more pleasure (because that would be greedy right?!) or that I had to earn it in some way.  Honestly, shifting my mindset around pleasure was one of the biggest turning points in my life and not only ramped up my own happiness but also that of my family.  I offer private 1-1 coaching with a limited number of women each year who are ready and committed to upleveling their lives and loving their life after forty.  Want more pleasure in your life? Discover more here.