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Welcome to my online home beautiful, a place for celebrating and Loving Life After 40!

So, tell me....

What Are you dreaming of for the second half of your life?

Do you Dream of:

  • more adventures
  • being fit and healthy at 50, 80, or even 100
  • what your life will look and feel like after the children have left home
  • a smooth transition through menopause
  • a beautiful and satisfying relationship
  • a life that is deeply aligned with who you really are 

redefining life after 40

Whilst society may still have some pretty negative attitudes towards life after 40 I'm here to's time to rewrite that script.  This next phase of your life can look and feel however YOU want it to. Whatever your dreams are it can all be possible with the right tools, strategy and mindset.

The Gratitude I feel towards Jo and her transformational coaching series is huge, words cannot even begin to describe the transformation that happened within me, my self worth, my language with my self and others, my posture, my outlook, my direction and just the complete feeling of crystal clear clarity in all areas of my life moving forward.

Jo has a unique nurturing and gentle way of nudging you to go deeper to uncover what’s really buried and bring it to the surface to shine brightly. She is a beautiful, heart-centered coach whom I loved every minute of working with. Thank you Jo for clearing the Fog so I could see the light.


It's Never Too Late To Be Who You Are Meant To Be

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